Art In Your Space engages teens with hands-on art and technology projects for professional clients in modern workspaces to prepare them for success in 21st century careers.

About the Founder

Ben Cramer

Ben Cramer, currently a graduate student at NYU's Gallatin School, founded Art in Your Space based on his own experience as a high school dropout, to provide alternative paths into the workforce for kids who the traditional school system has let down. Prior to founding Art in Your Space, Ben worked with young adults to find jobs for over five years and started this program for teens out of frustration with the lack of opportunities for students to apply learning outside of the classroom.  He is passionate about connecting creative professionals with young people to create works of art that incorporate technology.

The Curriculum

Interactive       Technology

We facilitate learning of basic programming skills through an interactive design process driven by student interest and client demand. By building prototypes, presenting to clients, and refining projects, students are able to apply these new skills and knowledge in a professional context.

Artistic                         Expression

Students gain an understanding of artistic careers by working side by side with artists on projects for a public audience. AIYS not only provides an outlet to express students' creativity, but also the knowledge of how to make art a financially beneficial pursuit. 

Learn more about our teaching artist, Sofy Yuditskaya, here!

Digital                         Design

Students take on the role of designers in our classes and learn design process by doing.    Students work in teams to interview clients to gain insights, sketch and build solutions, and use digital design programs to create finished projects.

Read the design challenge prompt our students used to create their installation here!

Want to get involved? Email info@artinyourspacedesign.com