Today, the team of students traveled to AlleyNYC to put finishing touches on the booth and present their project and learnings to a packed room of AlleyNYC companies.  It was inspiring to hear firsthand about the experiences that were most rewarding over the 7-week pilot course.  

Lizzy said, "I really liked visiting the show at NYU (the Interactive Telecommunications Program Spring Show) and making the height of building change with the waves of my voice". 

Another student really enjoyed learning to create beautiful effects using Pure Data.  


Before heading out they decided on a location for the party after much deliberation.  I can't help but, be proud of the progress they have made in thinking through these decisions as a team.

 LED's designed to draw in visitors to the Selfie Stand.

LED's designed to draw in visitors to the Selfie Stand.

Stand in freight elevator

Students heard from 5 startup companies that are hiring for the summer and asked questions about the opportunities, took home business cards and listen to impassioned current interns describe how AlleyNYC is place full of opportunity for those who go after it.