As an exercise from my Government 3.0 class I answered these 3 questions with a partner.

What does the Pilot look like?

A pilot for Interactive Arts Project would be implemented by connecting an existing after-school program such as Beam Works to a design firm or corporate sponsor.  The students visit the design firm or sponsors office to learn about their process for developing projects.  The students and partner company would then work together over the course the after-school program (10 weeks in the case of Beam Works) to plan, build, and refine the project.   A budge and project milestones would be established to guide the project.  At the end of the pilot the project would be displayed publicly.  Fans of the project would have the option of donating to students to support their future education or art projects.  The company partner gets spotlighted for supporting disadvantage students to gain professional, artistic, and interpersonal skills.

What is the big vision?

The day when corporations help fund cutting edge project based learning opportunities to help communicate brand identity.  We imagine groups of students developing skills, technical, communicative, and interpersonal with the resources of companies large and small.  Both financial and mentoring support are crucial for underserved high school students to become leaders and makers.   Can you envision a fleet of student made spaceships rolling converging on Times Square to teach about space and electronics and hands on learning.  The goal is to push the boundaries what is possible when artists assist students in planning projects.  When youth have the execution know how of corporations and the budgets to make inspiring works possible what will they create?

5 Outcomes or tactics

1. Coordinate with companies to craft partnership plans with schools, after-school, and summer programs to make interactive art projects.

2. Establish locations and themes for projects through design thinking practices.

3.  Set up a plan for skills building classes that will enable students to bring their creative visions to life in alignment with the parameters established by companies.

4.  Use visual media to document project progress, lessons learned, surprise challenges, and breakthroughs.

5.  Connect the project to a site for fans of  the art to give contributions to fund student’s college education or future art projects.