On Wednesday, June 18th students from City-As-School (CAS) presented the Selfie Stand to a packed room at AlleyNYC after 7-weeks of intense design and technology learning and building.

Students presented the features and answered questions about how they chose the visual effects (these were the ones we liked best), why the kiosk design (Alley wanted an open feel to the photo stand), and what they enjoyed most (building at partner Eyebeam).

Many thanks to all of the teachers from CAS and principal Alan Cheng for coming out to support the young artist.  We were also, please to have Rob DiRienzo from Digitial Ready, Erica Kermani of Eyebeam, and Alana Laudone from iZone Academy check out the Selfie Stand.

So what’s next for the Selfie Stand and CAS students who created?  Several students will be working on making adding features so the booth can be used at an upcoming 4th of July event thrown by AlleyNYC.

And City-As-School is interested having students develop a version of the Selfie Stand to improve the intake photo process for new students.

Here are some pictures from the event!