On Thursday, we packed up our projects and headed over to The New Museum and NEW INC.  Check out some photos and highlights of the visit in this post. 

Teams taking a moment in the sun before entering the New Museum.

Many thanks to Sasha who,  leads students on tours at the New Museum for an engaging and thought provoking tour of the Chris Ofili exhibit. Students exchanged thoughts on how the artist dealt with issues of power and safety in the  mixed media paintings.  

Above: Reflecting on issues of safety and power at the Chris Ofili exhibit at The New Museum.

At NEW INC, the first museum-led incubator for art, technology, and design to hear from and present to game changing designers.  

Students heard from a variety of companies including: Print All Over Me who shared a back pack designed for, singer Pharrell.  "How much does it cost to print that shirt?“ asks one student.  "That’s not bad a price.  Let me get a card,” remarked a second student.  We will have wait and see if any City-As-Students will be selling designs on the site in coming days!

Students also, got to check out an Oculus Rift, a tube filled with LEDs that change color depending on the sounds in the room, live 3D printing, and a program that turns brainwaves into water shaking vibrations!

Below: Students witness Artist, Lisa Park vibrate water over a speaker using brainwaves. 

We ended the day with students presenting their prototypes to NEW INC members.  The members gave feedback, helped with circuit design, and gave additional demos of projects.  

The Body Electric class thanks The New Museum and NEW INC for hosting the Body Electric!  We appreciate the opportunity to learn art and technology practices and work with the creators their space. 

Below: Focused.  Wiring an Arduino circuit for a prototype of sound emitting device to scare aware would be attackers.