This week marks the end of Arts In Your Space as a class project for Government 3.0.  I submitted a slide deck, short and long memos(very much a work in progress), a video (first time using iMovie), and a link to this blog.

Check it out at:

Now on to making the pilot a reality.  I’m off to City As School(CAS) to meet with Melissa Birnbaum, Internship Department Head at CAS and Erica Kermani, Education Coordinator at Eyebeam.

We will be discussing:

Goals of project

What teacher(s) can we partner with to integrate the project into CAS curriculum?

What’s need for a proposal for funding the program(Digital Ready)?

Marketing for the program?

Timing for the program:  Start date and end date

I must say I’m more than a little bit excited to have this project shift to a team effort!!!

More updates to come soon!

Please share your thoughts on Truonex on how we can better prepare high school students at risk of dropping out for 21st Century Careers by creating interactive art projects with professionals through after-school programming.