Some reflections on learning and engagement from the Kickflip Team

Another NYC program which succeeds at teaching technology skills and engaging youth through their interests.  

So, why do I like this program?

Well, they bring together skaters and videographers for one.  It’s great to see more programs bringing together student from diverse backgrounds!

Also, they involved students from the New School and the Harold Hunter Foundation.  

And the students were able to learn programming skills to make a video game by attaching an Arduino, a simple computer with sensors to a skateboard.  

Inspiring learning opportunities are everywhere.  Kickflip is another program I’ve been speaking with about being a collaboration partner for this project.

Tal, the coordinator of the program had insights to share:

1. Make sure you have a way to attract students to your program

2. Lessons learned from skateboarding like resilience (get up and try that trick again!) are readily applicable to prototyping electronics.

3. None of the students came in with game design skills and they were able to learn.  You can start from scratch and find success with the right material and teachers.