This afternoon, I was fortunate to have Arnaud Sahuguet, a product manager who spoke to our Government 3.0 class earlier this week.

He and I brainstormed a new direction for my project.  Here is an initial outline of the concept.

A challenge for students to build a sculpture that can be built with a 3D printer and assembled with a kit of parts to be displayed in businesses, schools, and public spaces.



John Doe Project


- Tree - Makes a forest

- Trash Can

- Table

- Stairs 

- Planter 

- Lighting units

- Water fountains

- Elevators

- A body part mouth, hand, foot, an eye

- Animals

- a boat

- a space ship

Types of actions the object can execute:

  • Project Data by changing colors 
  • Shrink
  • Face the sun
  • Light up
  • A display screen
  • Use movement sensors
  • Rotate to face a person
  • Project pictures via bluetooth
  • Piezo sensor turns on something when you step on a mark
  • Make sound
  • Screen with readouts

Include a kit:

  • Arduino
  • LED’s 
  • Base
  • Branches
  • Decoration is allowed
  • Motors
  • All others items must by found or discarded
  • Wireless capabilities


Must fit in a box  3 ft by 3 ft base that is 5 feet tall.

No more than 12 pieces.

Must include directions to assemble the sculpture

Possible Challenge Themes:

- Make it an adventure that leads to another sculpture in another part of town

-  Have it respond to space differently 

Panel of judges decide on selection for winners.

A youtube channel will display the art pieces.  It can be pitched new 

Units would be made available for purchase by companies or schools or public places.



  • Experiment and design project
  • Exposure to professionals
  • Hands on learning

Seeking Sponsors or grants to cover the cost of program implementation, 3D Printing Fees, and kits.